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Through this open letter, my intention is to provide potential new clients with valuable insights into my design process, rates and how I like to work.

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What does my design process look like?

Once we determine the final project costs, the payment structure will be as follows: 50% upfront payment, and the remaining 50% upon project completion.

To facilitate smooth communication, we can establish a direct link using either Slack or Telegram to stay on track during the creative process. I prefer that communication is done async so that it keeps the project moving.

After this, we'll hopefully already have a clear indication of the project goals and objectives. From here, we'll set out an initial phase that I can get started on right away.

We have wireframes, can you work with these?

Absolutely! We'll utilize the wireframes as a foundation for the general content and structure and build out the visual design on top.

How quickly can I get started?

I like to get started as soon as possible. My availability can vary throughout the year — send me an email with more information about your project to see if its a good fit.

How long does a project take?

Each project is different. Nonetheless, you can anticipate receiving updates on a daily basis throughout the creative process. Usually within the initial stages of a project, I typically require just one or two business days to present tangible progress.

What can a project cost?

Every proposal is custom-tailored to the unique requirements and demands of the project. For transparency, the typical starting cost for a project can range anywhere between £15,000 and £25,000.

What about a monthly retainer?

This depends on the project. Happy to discuss more on a call.

Would you accept an equity-only proposal?

Not at this time.

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Portfolio (Soon)